‘A lot of people are just not ready to pay’: A new wave of hotel bookings hits Australia

Australia is being inundated with hotel bookbacks, as bookings continue to rise for its hotels.

Key points:Auckland’s hotels are particularly popularThe hotel bookback boom is coming after the holiday seasonAuckland is one of a few cities where hotels are being booked on a year-on-year basis, says data provider Booking.com.auThe rise in bookings has been fuelled by an abundance of holidaymakers, and the Government’s new holiday package, which includes extra holidays, will likely encourage more hotel bookers to book.

“It’s really become a boom time for bookings,” said Hotel Industry Association of Australia’s president, Steve McBride.

“In Auckland it’s actually gone up about 30 per cent, and Sydney is doing the same.”

The Government’s holiday package is available in most states and territories, but New South Wales has been the only state to make it available to the general public.

It is not yet clear how much of this increase is due to the new holiday packages, and how much to the Government increasing holiday prices or increasing holiday allowances.

However, Mr McBride said it was the trend that was causing the jump.

“We’ve seen a lot of changes over the last couple of years,” he said.

“This is the year we’re seeing a lot more hotels being booked year on year, because the holidays are coming up again.”‘

We’ve got the right hotel’There are about 1.5 million hotels in Australia, according to Booking, but Booking said they were often booked on the same dates as the holidays.

“If you’re in Sydney for Christmas, you’ll be able to book a room there on Christmas Day, so that’s why the hotels are booked so frequently, so people are booking their holidays,” he explained.

“So they’re not booking the hotel on the holidays because they’re busy on the holiday, they’re booking it on Christmas day.”

He said this meant the hotels were booked on just one date a year, and this meant they were not booking on a regular basis.

“That’s why we’ve got a problem because there’s no consistency and consistency is a problem for us, so it’s going to drive up hotel book prices.”

He also said it had become harder for people to find hotels in the city centres, because there were not enough hotels there.

“The hotels are going to be more expensive, and it’s a problem, but there are some good hotels out there, there’s some that are very cheap,” he added.

“And there are others that are cheaper, but it’s not a great situation for those hotels.”

Booking.org’s data showed that Auckland’s hotels were among the most popular destinations for bookbacks last year, with the average bookings on a date a week at least doubling.

However the number of bookings per hotel rose by just under a third to around 100,000, or nearly two per cent a year.

Hotels were booked almost exclusively on holidays, but bookings in the rest of Australia were increasing, according the data provider.

Hotel Industry Association (HIA) executive director, Andrew Fagan, said the increase in bookers had been caused by an increased availability of holiday holidays.”[The Government] have done a good job on holiday packages and it does seem to be working well for the hotels,” he told ABC Radio New Zealand.

“But the hotels themselves are going through a period of stress because of the increased availability, because of all of the new guests coming into the city, and they’re also seeing the need for extra accommodation for those holidays, so there’s a little bit of that going on in terms of hotels booking for holidays and the rest going on.”

He was also surprised by the rise in holiday allowances for the holiday period.

“At the moment it’s still in the single digits, it’s around $1,000 a year,” he noted.

“I think it’s probably about double that now.”‘

You’ll be happy to know there’s still some hotels out here’Mr Fagan said hotels were not the only destination bookers were booking on holiday.

“There’s a lot and a lot in town that have a good range of holidays,” Mr Fagan told ABC News.

“Some hotels are booking up to $500 a night, and some hotels are taking up to twice that.”

People are also booking hotels at other times of the year.

“He described the holiday bookings as “quite consistent” and said the trend would continue as the Government increases holiday allowances and holiday holidays further.”

You’ll probably be happy with the number that you’ve got now,” he suggested.”

Because you’ll get a good night’s sleep, you won’t be in too much of a rush to book somewhere else.


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