When you’re in india, there’s no shortage of things to do

Indianapolis, IN – May 19, 2018 – FourFour Two’s Mike DeSantis, a hotel consultant and former traveler to India, is offering advice to Indian travelers on how to best plan their stay in the city of 2.5 million.

The theme of this week’s edition of “The FourFour two,” which DeSantes co-wrote with Matt Kiel, was India: A Traveler’s Guide, and it’s a useful primer for Indian travelers.

DeSantsos first visit to India was in 2012, and he’s had plenty of time to reflect on what it was like for him and his family while there.

Here are five tips for a trip to India.


Take advantage of local restaurants, bars, restaurants in big cities.

When traveling to India with your family, the first stop should be the city center, which is where most people congregate.

When you find a place that serves Indian food, you’ll be rewarded with a special treat, like a meal at the restaurant or the bar.

De Santis has been eating at Bar De Cidori, a popular Indian restaurant in the downtown area, for more than three years.

It’s a great place to sample Indian food while in India, especially for travelers from the Northeast.

Two of DeSanto’s favorite Indian restaurants are Bar De Churrascos, in the south of the city, and Bar De Para, in Gurgaon.

When it comes to dining out, DeSantos has also been enjoying the Indian delicacy of Biryani and Kori.

“Biryani is the Indian way of cooking Indian food,” he said.

“It’s served with a little bit of rice, which I’m sure a lot of Indians can relate to.”

DeSante has had Biryana and Kari, a combination of Indian and Asian flavors that come with a sweet, buttery flavor.

“You get the right amount of sugar to help balance the sweetness and tang of the biryani, but don’t overdo it,” he added.


Enjoy the weather.

Indian summers are hot, humid, and sometimes downright miserable.

De Santos said the city has one of the coolest summers in the country, with the temperature hovering around 35 degrees Celsius, with highs in the 70s.

“When you’re sitting in a park, you can have a nice hot bath, and you can sit outside and watch the sun set,” DeSantonos said.

He added that he often stays in hotels with a heat lamp and a fan that heats the room to the maximum, making the temperature even more comfortable.

He said Indian travelers can take advantage of the air conditioning to enjoy the warmth of the evening.

De Stantis has also noticed the number of hotel guest rooms in the capital cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

“I have to say, the best thing you can do for a hotel room is to bring a thermos of water, just so you can drink water while you’re there,” he explained.


Travel with a buddy.

DeStantis said traveling alone in India is easy for a first time traveler.

He recommends traveling with a friend who can also handle traveling with kids.

“Kids are the perfect travelers, because you can bring them on a bus, or you can go with a group of people.

There’s no need to bring anything more than a backpack and a few water bottles,” he noted.

DeAntoni also recommends traveling alone with someone who has no history of traveling, or is a seasoned traveler.

“If you have no prior experience with traveling, you should travel with someone with a lot more experience,” he suggested.

Desantos is also a fan of visiting the Indian countryside, and the best way to do that is to visit the country’s northernmost state, Assam.

“There are a lot less roads and you will be more comfortable,” De Santo said.


Travel in groups.

De Antononi said the best option for traveling in a group is to use the train or bus.

“The trains and buses are the best options,” he continued.

“They will have more space for the luggage, and they will have the best service,” he emphasized.

De santos recommends staying in one place for the entire trip, and using the private train or the bus for a break or to catch a movie.

“One thing that is a bit strange in India and not all that common in most Western countries is that a lot people go on a train,” De Santos said, noting that some travelers prefer to sit in their hotel rooms for the whole trip.

“And that is not a good idea,” he pointed out.


Have a nice time.

De Saintsons best tips for traveling to and staying in India are for people who like to get their kicks while visiting the country.

“First of all, the