How to find the best hotel in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (CBS New Orleans) – With a full week left in its historic hurricane season, hotels in New Orlesian will be feeling the impact of Hurricane Matthew’s destructive winds and high winds.

The National Weather Service (NWS) predicts the strongest hurricane to hit the city for at least the next week, with winds of at least 160 miles per hour (260 kilometers per hour) and maximum sustained winds of more than 150 miles per inch (300 kilometers per inch).

In New Orleans, hotel rooms can get quite crowded, so you may want to look for the best hotels to stay in.

New Orleans has a mix of popular tourist attractions, like the Bourbon Street Mall and the National Mall, and some smaller and more intimate hotels, like Champs Elysees.

You can find the full list of New Orleans hotels here.

If you are visiting New Orleans in a group, a large group of friends may be able to get the most out of a New Orleans hotel room, especially if you are planning to stay with a group.

“It’s really good to be in a room with a couple of friends and just talk, listen and watch TV,” said Erin Mackey, a senior at New Orleans Community College.

You don’t have to bring your own snacks, but you can bring snacks and drinks.

If you are traveling alone, Mackey said you may have to pack your own toiletries.

If the wind doesn’t blow you out, you can still stay with your loved ones, as long as you are at least four feet (1.5 meters) away from any storm surge.

And there are some hotels that have water and sewer service available.

If your room is not large enough, you may be eligible for a room subsidy.

The New Orleans Convention Center is the only hotel in the city that has water and sewage service.

The city of New York has the same, so if you plan on staying in New York City during a storm, you’ll need to consider getting water and a hotel voucher to avoid paying the water and hotel rate.

If the city of Houston or Dallas has water service, you might be able a room in a hotel.

You can also find the hotels to avoid with this weather map.

This story has been updated to include information from the National Weather Services hurricane forecast.