How to get a dog in hotel with no reservations

Dublin city hall has announced that all hotel rooms will be dog-friendly.

The move is part of a drive to get dogs into hotels as part of the city’s Dog Friendly Travel strategy.

The city council has said that dogs will be allowed into hotels only if the room is dog-free.

The announcement comes just days after it was revealed that the hotel industry is a huge success and there are currently more dog-safe rooms in Dublin than any other city in Europe.

Dublin’s first dog-only hotel was the Old Port Hotel on Randalstown Road, in May last year.

It was the first dog hotel in Europe and is now the fourth.

Dubliner Hotel Group is a private company which owns the Old Ports Hotel, the Hotel Bay, the Port of Limerick and the Royal Dublin Hotel.

The company owns the Randal and the Irish Pub in Dublin.

Dubliners own the Royal Hotel on the south side of Dublin and the Hotel Loughlin on the north side of the capital.

The company said it wanted to get more dogs in hotels because it has a great relationship with the Dublin city council.

“Dublin has a good record with dog tourism, and we want to continue to encourage this with this new initiative,” said the company.

The City of Dublin has been working with Dog Friendly Tourism Ireland (DFTI) for several years to improve dog tourism in the city.

“We have also been working closely with Dog friendly hotels and other venues to make sure that the hotels are dog friendly,” said a spokeswoman for the city council, Ms Tanya Fitzgerald.

“In recent years, more hotels have been opening their doors to pets and the number of dog friendly rooms has increased, especially for women travellers,” she said.

“The success of these new hotels has been evident in the number and quality of dog-Friendly experiences available.”

Dublin city hall’s move to allow dogs into hotel rooms is part and parcel of its plan to get the city in line with EU regulations on the animal welfare of tourists.

Dublins new dog-friendliness strategy was unveiled in September last year as part, the citywide Dog Friendly Travelling strategy.

The strategy has been a big success, with the number one city-wide trend being dogs.

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