How to get a pet hotel room

The hotel industry is full of pet hotels, with hundreds of pet resorts in operation across the U.S. The latest news from The Hotels Business, a partnership between the Consumer Reports and the National Pet Travelers Association.

Pet hotels have become an important part of the pet tourism business because of their accessibility, affordability and pet-friendly guest rooms.

Pet owners can enjoy their pets in their own homes, but there are also guest rooms available at pet-themed hotels and resorts.

In addition to pet rooms, pet hotels offer accommodations for other animals, including a large indoor dog kennel, a pet theater and pet walk.

Pet tourism can help keep pet owners and their pets entertained at home, while offering a fun escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy travel world.

Pet hotel industry to continue to expandPet hotels are a growing industry in the pet travel industry, with the number of pet-oriented hotel rooms growing every year.

More than half of all hotels surveyed by Consumer Reports in 2016 said they would open their own pet hotel, according to a 2017 study.

While the pet industry has been on the rise in the U