How to get your Bitcoin wallet for free with Bitcoin Cash wallet

The official launch of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet service, Bitcoin Cash: A wallet for the masses, has now been delayed until December 5th.

This has been confirmed by a representative from the Bitcoin Cash team.

A representative from Bitcoin Cash’s development team, Satoshi Nakamoto, tweeted the news on Wednesday morning, saying the delay was due to “security concerns.”

The decision is the latest move by Bitcoin Cash developers to delay the release of the wallet.

The wallet, the main Bitcoin-based version of the digital currency, has been in testing for weeks now, with a series of testing rounds lasting a month.

Bitcoin Cash has not been updated to address security issues in its latest version, version 0.11.0.

Earlier this week, a group of developers released a statement saying they are planning to release a new version of Bitcoin cash that will include more features.

The announcement came hours after a group representing the development team released a “bug fix” for the 0.10.0 version of its wallet.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after a security breach at Coinbase, a Bitcoin wallet and exchange company.

Coinbase reported that over a period of time, a single attacker gained access to over 30,000 of its users’ wallets.

Bitcoin Core developer Greg Maxwell has since confirmed the breach, saying it was caused by a “sophisticated attack” that would have been “extremely difficult to mount.”