Santa Monica, Hilton, and Holiday Inn hotels to offer discounts on hotel stays

Hotels in the Santa Monica area will be offering discounts on their stays starting Sunday, May 20th.

The discount will be available to all hotel rooms booked from Sunday, April 27th through May 20, 2016, from 11am to 6pm.

The offer will only apply to the following hotels: Hotel Monte Carlo (1,700 rooms) Hotel Monte-Carlo (1.7-2,300 rooms) Holiday Inn La Jolla (2,500 rooms) and Holiday Resorts Pacifica (1-2 rooms).

Hotels can apply the offer starting Sunday.

The hotel’s website states: “The holiday discounts will apply to a limited number of room types at select Holiday Inn and Holiday Suite locations in Santa Monica and the San Gabriel Valley from May 20 through May 31, 2016.

A list of available room types is available at the hotel’s hotel portal.”

Hotels that are participating include the Holiday Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and other hotels.

The Hilton Hotel Santa Monica is also participating in the offer.

Holiday Inn Hotel Santa Barbara is also offering a 50 percent discount for the duration of the holiday weekend. 

Hotel Monte Carlo offers the lowest rates in the region, with a typical room rate of $1,250 per night.

Hotel Monte Casa and Hotel Monte Cañon offer the highest rates, with room rates of $2,800 per night and $3,000 per night respectively.

Holiday Resort Pacifica offers the least rooms, with an average room rate per night of $800.

Hotels in Santa Clarita, Riverside, and Santa Barbara offer the lowest average rates, while hotels in San Diego and Riverside offer the most rooms per night, with average room rates for the entire region of $3.5 million.