‘We were told the hotel was too big’

We were told by a property agent at the beach hotel that we could stay for Rs.1,500 a night, and the hotel’s owner told us the hotel is not too big.

A hotel manager told us that it was a private room and we should call them.

What was I supposed to do?

We had to call them back.

We are not in a position to take any further action on this matter.

In the midst of the ongoing controversy over a hotel’s size, the owner of the beach Hotel Oceans, a property on the island of Oceans was also forced to call up his own hotel, in a similar situation.

It seems the owners of many hotels and resorts across the country are now facing similar dilemmas.

The owner of a beach hotel in Mumbai, where we stayed on July 17, said he was told that the hotel could not accommodate the size of our group.

“The room was about 20 sq m.

They said we would have to book it out.

We told them we don’t want to go to this hotel,” the owner said.

He did not have any other hotel to book out.

A senior property agent, who did not wish to be named, told NDTV that there was no need to call the hotel manager.

“They said there is no room available at this hotel, we will book it for Rs1,800.

So, it is a private hotel, so there is a cost involved,” he said.

“I was not surprised that the room was not big.

They have to get the room booked out for the price they have to charge.

The room is private.

So there is nothing for us to do but call them up.

There is no way to do anything about this.

But it is very disappointing.”