What is the Hilton Head hotel in Chicago?

A look at the Hilton head hotel in suburban Chicago, where hotelier Hilton Head has spent more than $2 billion on renovations and expansion, a spokeswoman said Friday.

The company’s parent company, Hilton Worldwide, is building two hotels on the site of the former Hotel Grand Central in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.

It’s one of two hotels that opened in the Chicago area in the past year, according to the company.

The other is a hotel planned for the site at the intersection of Oak and LaSalle avenues.

A spokesperson for the Hilton said the company was working to close the deal on the hotel and that the company has no plans to reopen the property.

We were given the OK to move forward with the hotel, spokeswoman Mary Ann McBride said in a statement.

We have not decided whether to reopen or close the hotel at this time.

Hilton Head’s plans for the hotel were announced in December 2015, and the company announced plans to spend $2.7 billion on the property in January of this year.

In March, the company agreed to spend more than a billion dollars on a hotel and parking lot in suburban North Chicago.

The hotel was scheduled to open in 2019.

The project was initially designed to serve the needs of Hilton Head and the Chicago Police Department, and in recent years, the hotel has become a magnet for tourists.

It also serves as a hub for the Chicago Transit Authority and the North Side area’s community of South Side communities.

The city and Chicago’s Department of Water Management have invested in the hotel.

Hilton said in March that it was closing the Hilton hotel to new guests.

The Chicago Police department has spent millions of dollars to rehabilitate the property, and a new parking lot was planned for it.

The Hilton head’s hotel, however, will remain open.

The Illinois State Police and the City of Chicago are continuing to maintain the hotel in a state of disrepair, a spokesman for the Illinois State Patrol said in January.

The department has also spent millions on maintenance on the Hilton property, which the department said was at the top of its list.

The state has spent $3.8 million to fix the hotel’s roof and walls, and another $2 million has been spent on renovations, including $1.8 billion to refurbish the interior.

The Department of Public Works spent $500,000 on a new electrical system to address leaks in the building.

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