What’s the real deal about the California hotel crisis?

When you ask people in California about the hotel crisis, they don’t usually mention hotels, even though they are the number one concern for many people in the state.

But that may soon change.

The hotel industry has long had an economic and social incentive to shut down, but with the number of people now living in the San Francisco Bay Area and the influx of tourists coming into the region, that incentive is no longer there.

The state of California is set to take a $2 billion hit from the crisis as the state faces a huge increase in demand and will have to absorb the economic burden of the increased demand.

That has caused the hotel industry to look to new locations to stay afloat, including California’s iconic Palms hotel chain, which operates out of a former hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

The chain is taking advantage of the fact that people are moving to California and is now able to offer more amenities, including private rooms.

The latest development comes as the hotelier lobby in California is growing and has become a major force in state politics.

According to an analysis by the Los Angeles Times, the lobby is spending an average of $25,000 per seat on advertising and promotion for each event in the Golden State, while other major hotel chains are spending an even larger sum.

With the increased popularity of the Cali tourism industry, the Calgarian Lobby is poised to take the reigns of the state’s hotels, with its lobbyists paying an average $5,000 a seat for the first time since at least 2013.

The Calgari has a well-funded and well-staffed lobby.

The lobby spent $2.8 million last year to try to pass a measure that would have increased taxes on hotel rooms.

That bill failed, and the lobby has since started lobbying for more money.

Calgarians hotel lobbyists are expected to continue pushing for the bill’s passage at the upcoming special legislative session in Sacramento, where the hotel lobby has been a big player in trying to pass it.

The lobbyists say they have not given up on the hotel legislation, but that it may not be the only piece of legislation the lobby will push.

“The lobby has a lot of influence and it will continue to be, but we’re not done here,” said Bill Marr, who heads the lobby’s PAC.

“It’s about making sure that the bill gets passed.”