Why you should go to a cheap hotel for a night out in London

You’ve got to have a place to stay at night.

The cost of staying at the top hotels in the capital is sky-high.

If you’re looking for something cheap and comfortable, you might want to look elsewhere.

If that’s you, then you’re in luck.

Here are our picks for the best cheap London hotels to visit during the day.


Ritz Carlton, Knightsbridge London 2.

The Ritz, Knightsview 3.

Marriott Marquis, Canary Wharf 4.

Rooftop Club, Covent Garden 5.

Marriott London, St James’s Palace 6.

Four Seasons, Coventry 7.

Four Points, Knightswall 8.

Fourpoint, London 9.

FourPoint London, London 10.

Four Point London, Covents Heath 11.

Fourpoints, London 12.

FourPoints, London 13.

Four points, London 14.

Four point, London 15.

Fourt, London 16.

Fourpence Bar, London 17.

Four and a half points, Knightsedge 18.

Four, London 19.

Four Pints, Kensington 20.

Four pints, Knightsgate The Roo ftop Club hotel is located in the heart of Knightsbridge.

The hotel is well-equipped, with a pool and gym, private lounge, and a rooftop bar.

This hotel is a great choice for a short stay in London.

It’s also one of the best hotels in London to have drinks with friends.

It costs a whopping £2,700 per night.

However, there are some fantastic options for night out at the Four Points Hotel.

You can spend your nights exploring the city.

You could spend the night at The R and enjoy a fine night out.

Alternatively, you could grab a good night’s sleep at Fourpoint London.

With this luxury hotel, you can enjoy your night in style.

The Four Points hotel also has a private lounge with a great view of the city below.

The lounge is great for watching a movie or catching up with friends, but the most relaxing spot is the rooftop bar overlooking the Thames.

It has a great bar and offers great views of the Thames and the city, so it’s perfect for an all-day getaway.

The rooftop bar is a perfect spot to watch a film or catch up with your mates.

This bar is free and you can take a sip of wine or cider while watching the film.

There’s also an outdoor terrace with a view of Canary Whale.

The terrace is located just a few doors down from the pool and is perfect for a nice summer getaway or a great spot to grab a bite to eat.

If all you’re after is a relaxing night in London, then Fourpoints is the place for you.

You’ll be sure to enjoy your time at the hotel.

The price of the hotel is just right.

It is well equipped with a fully equipped lounge, private bar, private terrace and outdoor terraces.

However you choose to spend your night, you’ll be well rewarded with a good time.

It’ll be a fun and relaxing night.

If this is your first time in London and you’ve never been to the top hotel, then the Fourpoint hotel is the perfect choice.

It boasts the best of the top brands in the UK.

It also has an outdoor lounge and terrace overlooking the city and the Thames River.

It offers great private lounges for guests to enjoy a drink while watching movies or catching a film.

If only there was another hotel in London that offered the same amenities for nightlife.

For more information on the Fourpoints London, check out our guide.

If the FourPoints London is not enough, there’s also the FourPoint hotel in Knightsbridge, which is a bit of a surprise.

The Five Points hotel is also a must visit, especially if you’re visiting the city for a holiday.

There is also the Three Points hotel in the London CBD, which has a lovely rooftop bar with views of Canary, the river, and the East River.

The restaurant on the top floor of the Five Points is excellent and offers delicious food.

You might also want to try the Four Point restaurant in Knightsedge for a meal at a lower price.

If a lot of the restaurants in the city are quite pricey, then look at the Seven Points Hotel in Knightsdale.

It may not be the most expensive hotel in this list, but it’s not far off.

The Seven Points hotel has an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, a lounge with private terraces, and an outdoor patio.

If your plan is to visit London for a weekend or overnight, then try to save some money and stay at The Fourpoint Hotel.

If it’s a more budget-friendly option, then go for the Four points hotel in Covent and the Fourpenny Bar in Kensington.

There are many other excellent hotels in and around London to choose from.

Be sure to check out the best hotel deals in London for the summer.