Hotel Zaza in Paris, one of Paris’ most expensive hotels, opens

Paris, France – The Hotel Zazia in Paris has reopened after being closed for almost two weeks due to a series of safety concerns, according to the city’s public prosecutor.

The hotel, located in the historic center of Paris, is one of the most expensive and most exclusive hotels in the city, and opened in September 2012.

Its rooms can seat up to 300 guests, and it has an impressive collection of luxury brands, including Bulgari, Chanel and Gucci.

The hotel has a state of the art kitchen, which is equipped with a fire pit.

It is located at the corner of Place Vendôme and Rue Saint-Martin.

The French city of Paris has a population of about 4 million.

The Hotel and Hotel Zizia was originally built in 1791 as a hotel by the French aristocracy and has been owned by the royal family since it opened.

The building has a total of 3,200 rooms, with another 1,200 private rooms.

The restaurant and bar in the hotel is one among many that have been renovated, and the hotel’s interior was decorated in a fashion reminiscent of that of the 1920s and ’30s.

The new hotel is located near the Zaza Hotel and the Grand Palais, and can be accessed from the main square in the center of the city.

The owner of the hotel, Jean-Paul Sartre, is the creator of the Parisian theater, and has also designed the iconic French restaurant La Belle Equipe.

He has lived in Paris for nearly half his life.

In recent months, the hotel has faced several safety concerns.

Earlier this month, police raided the hotel after receiving a tip-off that the restaurant had been vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti.

The French government also said the hotel was not safe.

In August, an arsonist was arrested at the hotel.

He was sentenced to five years in prison, but the charges were later dropped, and he was released a month later.

He returned to the hotel on September 9, and remained there until November.

The next day, he tried to set fire to the building.