How Airbnb became the most popular rental website on the web in 2018

When it comes to online rentals, Airbnb is the king of the hill.

For a couple of years now, it has dominated the market with a massive presence on Airbnb’s website, which is available for both local and long-term rentals.

But now it seems that the internet giant may be making its move into the home rental market with the launch of a new rental app.

The new app, called AirBnB, is the result of years of collaboration between Airbnb and several local startups.

Airbnb has been working with a number of companies, including an upstart called Airbnb Hosting, and recently it secured the help of the tech giant, Google.

The team behind the AirBnb app says that it aims to provide more flexibility in the way that hosts can rent out their spaces.

The app has two main functions: one, it provides an online rental booking platform for hosts to choose their space from, and two, it allows hosts to add guests, and provide feedback on guest behavior.

It’s also a free-to-use app, and hosts can even upload photos of their spaces and upload them to AirBb.

As with any Airbnb app, the main function is to allow hosts to manage the listings they’ve posted.

This is important because hosts tend to be the ones with the most active listings, and that can be difficult to manage with Airbnb.

That’s why the app also allows hosts who are looking to book out a space to add an optional “check-in” option, where the hosts can add a guest to their listing at a time when they’re online.

In addition, the app lets hosts view and comment on guest reviews, and also offers a variety of other features.

For example, you can use AirBtns to schedule the guest to arrive at your location, and you can view a list of all the guests who have been scheduled to visit the space.

Airbnb is currently working on a new app that will bring more features to its website, including a feature called “shared rooms,” which allows hosts and guests to share rooms.

Airbnb is also working on ways to make it easier for hosts and guest to collaborate on guest ratings, ratings that could be shared among hosts and other guests.

In short, Airbnb has some major plans for its new app.

Airbnb said that it will continue to focus on its core business of rentals, and it will work with hosts and partners to bring new features to the app.

AirBnb, however, is aiming to expand beyond its home rental service.

The company has been experimenting with ways to let hosts rent out space that’s on the side of the building they live in, and this could lead to more flexible arrangements for Airbnb guests.