How to watch Polygon’s annual Summer of VR: A virtual-reality celebration

When Polygon first started this year, it was clear that VR wasn’t going to be the next big thing.

With more and more people going to virtual worlds, it seemed like a natural fit for our company to take advantage of the experience.

However, it’s not.

With the popularity of other games in the genre, it has become clear that it’s still not ready for prime time.

VRFocus’ resident VR expert, Mike Fahey, explained the current state of VR in his recent podcast, The Game Is Still on Fire.

In it, he talks about how VR is not ready to take on the blockbuster movies, and why it is not a great fit for gaming.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the main points he makes.

We still have a lot of work to do The vast majority of games that are in the market right now, and that’s because they are still in the infancy stages.

Games that were released in 2015 are not yet ready to enter the mainstream market.

The VR space is still a work in progress.

It’s not yet the mature experience that people expect it to be.

As more and More people are getting involved with VR, the technology will get more and better and more compelling.

The only way we’ll see it become a mainstream product is when the developers are willing to embrace it.

The big three studios, Valve, Sony, and Microsoft are all in this space, and all of them have a big advantage in VR right now.

However it looks like these three studios have not yet embraced VR.

With each new release, they get more ambitious and more and all the more ambitious.

This is where the industry needs to catch up and realize that it needs to start moving faster.

That’s not to say that VR is a complete failure, but it’s the way that it currently looks.

The next major leap in VR will require a massive leap forward in the way we approach this technology.

Thats why VRFocus is making this year’s Summer of Oculus a VR event.

This year, we’ll be focusing on VR that will be ready for the masses.

If you want to see some of the best VR experiences, we suggest you come to one of our virtual-world events.

That way you can be part of a truly immersive experience that everyone can enjoy.

Stay tuned for the full Summer of Oculus event!

Polygon will be covering Polygon this year from June 5-11 at the Oculus booth at the Game Developers Conference.

Check back later this week for the coverage from the event.