No more hotel stays in Florida amid Trump administration crackdown

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries, including the US, on Sunday, a move that is expected to trigger outrage in the Gulf state and the US itself.

The move by the US president is part of a crackdown on Muslims in the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Trump signed the order on Sunday as he toured the US and signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia, which will see the US provide $1bn to the kingdom’s coffers over the next four years.

“It’s very clear the president is trying to silence the voices of American Muslims who are being murdered in the name of religion and hate, in the Muslim community,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a lawyer and member of the US-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The executive order is part the administration’s broader policy of clamping down on civil rights and immigration, and in the past few weeks has resulted in several high-profile deaths.

The order, signed in the Oval Office, requires all people entering the US to undergo a “detailed physical examination” to check their immigration status and fingerprinting.

It also requires that anyone who seeks to enter the country through an alternative means is required to undergo the “extreme vetting” process.

The US State Department has said it will continue to provide “all available resources” to assist countries affected by the order, which is also expected to lead to a reduction in travel to the US.

“The president’s order is just one of the ways he is targeting our nation’s Muslims,” said Hooper.

“We will continue working to ensure that all citizens and visitors of the United States are treated with dignity and respect.”

President Donald Trump’s executive order bans travellers from six countries from entering the United State.

The executive action was signed in Washington, DC, on February 6, just hours after Trump’s inauguration.

Trump’s first week in office has seen a surge in attacks on American mosques and mosques, which has been largely blamed on radicalised Muslims, and has prompted some Muslim-Americans to flee the country.

“I have no doubt the president’s orders are intended to intimidate people of colour and immigrants,” said Ali Khan, an associate professor of political science at George Washington University and a former senior adviser to the White House.

“It’s an attack on the core values of the U.S. Constitution.”

The executive orders travel bans will apply to citizens of seven Muslim-dominated countries: Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

They include a blanket ban on visitors from Iraq, which the State Department said had the second highest number of US citizens of any Muslim-led country in the world, behind Saudi Arabia.

“These executive orders are designed to isolate Muslims in Muslim-run countries,” said Omar Hijazi, a civil rights lawyer and director of the Institute for Policy Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

“The administration is not trying to stop terrorism.

It’s trying to make it harder for people to visit.””

We don’t want the US government to be the enemy of the world,” said Ahmed Mansoor, a senior lecturer at the International Center for Political Studies at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia who was among those who have fled the country to the United Kingdom.

“We don`t want the Trump administration to become the enemy.

We want it to be a part of the international community.”

The United Arab Emirates is the other Muslim-controlled country affected by Trump’s travel ban.

The UAE, which hosted President Donald J. Trump for a state visit in March, issued a statement condemning the order.

“This ban is not a step to protect the interests of the Muslim people in the UAE,” the statement read.

“Instead, it is a dangerous attack on Islam and Muslims around the world.”

According to the Washington Post, the executive order also includes an indefinite ban on visas for people from Iran, Iraq, Libya and Somalia.

The countries are all majority-Muslim countries, which have been the focus of recent attacks by radicalised groups.

A report by the New America Foundation said the order was part of an effort to “restore a white America that was shattered by the Trump presidency”.

“In addition to the Muslim ban, the order targets the religious freedoms of US Muslims and the communities of color and the LGBT community,” the report read.

The Trump administration also said it would impose a temporary ban on all travel to Iraq from June 1, but the State Departments Office of Foreign Missions said it expected to issue a clarification on that issue on Friday.

“As the president has said repeatedly, he will fight against any attempt to undermine the US Constitution or to impose an undue burden on the American people,” State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said in a statement.

“President Trump’s orders will be reviewed to ensure they do not pose a significant threat to US citizens and are lawful.

However, the president also believes that they must be done so in

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