What to do when your favorite band has canceled a tour after all? Here are the essentials

With their next tour ending this month, the Americana revivalists The Broadmoor have canceled all their shows in Europe.

Their Facebook post states that “due to the health of our fans in Europe and our continuing relationship with the hotel in Sanibel, we have decided to end the tour, effective immediately.”

The band was supposed to return in March, but instead they will now begin the trek back to Europe.

They announced that they would be playing in the U.K. in the middle of March and in the Netherlands in early April, and that they will then play a month-long residency in Dublin in late May.

Americana are currently playing a handful of shows in Australia before the tour.

It’s unclear if they will continue touring after the tour ends, or if they’ll go back to America to play with their family and friends.

The band’s frontman Ben Gibbard told the Guardian that he wasn’t sure what would happen to his wife and children.

“We have a lot of great fans and I don’t know what the next step is going to be.

We will be leaving this world and hopefully getting back to work,” he said.

“Hopefully we can get back to where we were and finish what we started.”

The Broadman also announced that their latest album, the self-titled, will be released in March.

The new album, released last summer, was released on their own label, RCA.

It was the band’s first to be released on the labels of their parent company, Universal Music.

Read more about The Broadmans tour and their decision to cancel.

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