What’s your hotel room situation like?

Detroit is the only city in America where the majority of people are not planning to visit a hotel during the season, but the trend is not going away.

This summer, the city is expected to see the largest occupancy in the city’s history, as more than 15,000 hotel rooms will open.

“Hotel rooms are the most valuable asset we have, and we have a very limited supply of them,” Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said.

“So we’re going to have to figure out how we can make our hotel rooms available to as many people as possible.”

Hotel occupancy peaked in August 2016 and has been falling ever since.

During the year, Detroit recorded more than 13,000 rooms open and more than 11,000 closed.

The city’s hotels will open during a number of key times, including the Super Bowl, the annual Thanksgiving holiday, and the Grand Prix of Michigan.

Hotel owners are also hoping for a little bit of luck in the next few weeks, as hotel occupancy will peak around the time the state and federal government is planning to cut off water and sewer service.

“I think the weather will help us a little more, but it’s definitely a tough year for us,” said Chris Rucker, the managing director of the Detroit Marriott Hotels.

“We have the winter to prepare and we’re just waiting for a bit of the spring weather to kick in, so we’ll see what happens.

But we will be ready.”

Rucker said there are more than a few hotel owners who are expecting a dip in occupancy this year, as well.

“There’s going to be a lot of people that are going to feel the impact of the colder weather and the cold temperatures,” he said.