Fort Myers Hotel Will Close After Five Star Hotel Leads To ‘Crescent Hotel’

The Crescent Hotel in Fort Myers, Florida, will close its doors for good at the end of this month after more than five years of operation.

The hotel, which has been open since 2002, will be closed for two months, with the lease expiring on December 15, 2018.

The hotel will reopen as a park and golf course in January 2019, with guests expected to find the new space a more relaxing and more spacious space than before.

The new space will be called the Crescent Resort.

The Crescent Hotel was launched in 2005 by local business owners who saw their property values rise during the dot-com boom.

According to The Fort Myers Star-Banner, the property was one of the first properties built by an independent company, with a $1.2 million profit in its first year.

The property was named for a local woman named Barbara (Beth) Hochschild, who had lived in the area and was working in the restaurant industry when the property went up for sale.

The property is in the heart of downtown Fort Myers.

Located in the middle of a busy shopping district, the hotel is located on an area of a five-block radius with a number of restaurants and shops in the nearby shopping mall.