How to avoid a trip to the Shining Hotel

The hotel’s owner and his employees have been charged with multiple counts of murder and theft, and his former manager and one of the hotel’s two lawyers have also been charged.

The hotel has been the subject of protests, with some protesters chanting “Kill the hotel, kill the hotel!” and others calling for its closure.

Authorities have said they are investigating whether the owners and other employees acted in an improper manner.

Authorities say they have arrested eight people who they say may have been involved in the alleged murder of hotel manager Daniel J. O’Brien and his two lawyers.

The people have been identified as Daniel J.-C.

Gorman, 47; Michael J. Papp, 46; Daniel D. Boggs, 36; James L. Smith, 44; Anthony B. Gullings, 38; and Steven E. Oster, 31.

The men are scheduled to appear in court Thursday.

They are charged with four counts each of murder, theft, conspiracy and other crimes.

Prosecutors said in a news release that the hotel had been the victim of numerous burglaries and vandalism in recent years.

They say the hotel has a reputation for poor customer service.