How to play Fallout 4: The New Vegas Strip

A new game has opened for Fallout 4, and its going to be a lot of fun.

That’s right, Fallout 4 is a sandbox game.

It’s also the first Fallout game to have real-time multiplayer, meaning that players will be able to jump into matches and play through each mission as they play it, rather than just waiting for a loading screen.

And unlike other sandbox games, this is not a series of linear stories or side missions, as the series is known.

Instead, you will be playing through each level, which means you’ll be able get to know characters, locations, and quests from the get-go.

This means that you can get to grips with the setting, the characters, and the world of New Vegas before you start playing the game.

We sat down with lead writer/designer Todd Howard and lead gameplay designer James Jacobs to learn how they got to this point.

First off, let’s start with the trailer.

It has a lot going for it.

It features a great shot of the desert, a nice shot of a character walking down a street, and a lot more.

There’s also a lot to love about this trailer, especially in its first 10 minutes.

In this trailer you can see that there are some new enemies that the player will encounter, a lot are unique, and they have unique weapons that will help to defeat them.

It also gives the player a little taste of the sandbox, with the player’s main character walking around the desert and the NPCs that you’ll meet along the way.

But what really gets me is the setting.

The setting is a city.

It is the capital of New Londo, a place called Vault 111.

This is a huge, sprawling city, and it’s set to be huge.

This isn’t a sandbox that the developers set up, it’s a city, a massive city, where the player can go and do things and experience a lot.

It gives the players a place to go and explore, and you can also meet characters from all around the city, as well as explore and kill them.

We also get to see a lot in the gameplay that we’re not used to seeing in games.

The game has a large variety of weapons, ranging from assault rifles, to pistols, to shotguns, to machine guns, to long guns, and much more.

This will be a big, diverse weapon pool that you will have to figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

The weapons that you pick up and use will be very different from each other.

You will find a lot that you don’t expect.

For example, there’s a long-range machine gun that you probably wouldn’t expect to find in Fallout 4.

The developers also decided to add the ability to carry multiple weapons.

So if you’re in a group of people and one of them needs to take out a big target, you can take out all the targets at once, and then the other two people can use their melee weapons to take them out.

You can also bring a variety of different melee weapons into battle, which is a very important aspect of the game for this reason.

The main character also has a melee weapon called the Crossbow, which you’ll probably pick up on the way to the next mission.

The weapon is a crossbow, with a scope, a crosshair, and some other fancy features that make it feel like a real weapon.

The crossbow is a long bow that can be thrown.

The player can also shoot a bolt out the end of the crossbow.

The bow is a good weapon for long-distance combat, but it also has some drawbacks.

The bolts have a short range, meaning you can only throw the cross bow a certain distance before you run out of ammunition.

And if you want to be super stealthy, you’ll need to use the crossbows ability to shoot a shadow, or something that can hide you behind objects.

If you’re using the cross bows ability to take on larger enemies, like robots, you need to be careful to not be spotted.

The enemies in this trailer also have a lot coming.

They’re a group, and each one of the enemies has a unique attack.

They’ll take different types of damage, and their AI will make a lot decisions about how to fight.

You’ll have to be very careful, as some enemies will take a lot damage while others won’t.

And then, of course, there are the NPCs.

They all have their own special abilities, like throwing a fireball at you, or shooting you in the back.

All of these abilities are very powerful and will have a huge impact on how the player plays.

We get to talk about the story.

There is a lot at stake.

This game is going to take a long time to get through, so it’s really important that the players are ready for this game when it’s ready.

This trailer also includes a lot about the character of Max, the main protagonist.

The trailer also