Super 8 hotels in the top 20 list

The top 20 super 8 hotels listed in the annual Super 8 Hotel Industry Survey (SHT) reveal a surprising lack of super 8 accommodation in Queensland.

There are just four hotels in Queensland listed in this year’s survey, and only one of them is a super 8.

Super 8 is an industry which is largely dependent on private companies to operate.

This is the main reason why there are only four super 8s in Queensland, with the other two in New South Wales and Victoria.

There is also a shortage of super 10 accommodation, with just one super 10 in Queensland and one in Victoria.

The survey also found that only two of the top 10 super 8 rooms are in the inner-city suburbs of Townsville and Cairns, while the other four are in more rural areas of the state.

There is also another huge discrepancy in the rankings, with only two super 8-related rooms in the outer suburbs of Brisbane and Wollongong.

That is despite there being two super 10-related super 8 bedrooms in those suburbs, as well as one super 8 in the city of Melbourne.