The 10 best things about the Peabody Hotel in London

From the rooftop bar to the outdoor rooftop pool, the Peacock Hotel in central London is as close as you’re going to get to an actual brothel.

And while it may be a brothel, it’s actually pretty tame compared to some of the other brothels in the capital.

The Peacocks is a two-floor hotel that has a rooftop pool and indoor hot tub.

It’s been open for a few years and is one of the more glamorous and exclusive hotels in London.

It is open 24 hours a day and offers a variety of services including brothelks, private dining rooms, a bar, lounge and even a bar and restaurant.

The Peacocker Hotel is the largest and most luxurious of its kind in London and features a rooftop bar, an outdoor pool and a rooftop spa, which can be reserved for private use.

On the ground floor, guests can choose between a bar or a private dining room.

In the middle of the room is a bar where you can relax and watch the stars, while on the upper floor, you can lounge around with a view over the river Thames.

The main floor has a private lounge, a private balcony and a private restaurant where you’ll also enjoy cocktails and wine.

The room has its own spa and bar.

For a more intimate experience, guests are able to book an intimate private dining table with views of the river.

There are three private bedrooms and two suites, and there are also an open terrace.

There is also an elevator which allows guests to access the rooftop pool from their room.

If you want to go to another part of the hotel, you have access to a private garden, which is also a lovely feature.

The Peabotys location is just a short walk from the Houses of Parliament.

You can also see a view of London Bridge from the Peaqueys rooftop bar.

The building also features a number of other amenities including a fitness centre, a spa and a fitness room.

If you want a private terrace with views over the Thames, there are four private terraces available on the ground level and two on the roof.

The rooftop pool is a popular attraction at the Peays and is available for private booking.

It offers a different experience each time you visit.