Tour de France: The ‘Voodoo Tour’ – 10th anniversary

The ‘ Voodoo Tour ‘ – the 10th-anniversary Tour de Paris – is a celebration of the sport’s most spectacular exploits and the people who have put their lives on the line to protect the sport.

It begins on the morning of June 19, and will run through the afternoon of June 20.

A record number of 26,000 spectators will be at the Louvre on the banks of the Seine.

It will conclude in the Champs-Élysées at the end of a spectacular evening in Paris with the closing ceremony.

In addition to the Tour de Flanders and a race to the Pyrenees, there will also be a special edition of the BBC Six Classics series featuring the best of the Classics.

Tour de France – 10 years on – who’s got the best on show? 

The 10th edition of The Cycling Chronicles features the best-ever Classics performances of the last 10 years.

The most recent edition featured the world’s best rider, Mark Cavendish, in the Tour of Qatar, the first ever Tour de Suisse and the Vuelta a España.

It featured the best climbers and time trialists, and the biggest crowds ever to come to France, including the Olympic Stadium in Paris.

The 10 year highlights are:The 10 years of the Cycling Chronicles The 10th season of The Classics has arrived! 

We’ve got an excellent line-up of stories, profiles and analysis, featuring the most exciting riders, the biggest names and the most intriguing stories of the past 10 years, plus the best stories from the worlds most prestigious sporting events. 

The Cycling Chronicles is also available in the BBC iPlayer and iTunes, on demand on the BBC News app and the BBC Sport website, and as a podcast.

Join us for this special edition on BBC Sport, and read the highlights in our feature on the 10 years and the riders who inspired the sport, and discover more about the world of cycling from a cyclist’s perspective.