What’s next for the Stanley hotel?

The stanleys hotel in Melbourne’s west has been given a fresh lease of life as the Victorian government looks to rejuvenate a blighted hotel that’s been a blight on the city for decades.

Melbourne City Council last month approved a new, 20-year lease to the Stanleys at the site of the former Melbourne Hotel and Restaurant.

The property is the subject of the first major redevelopment plan in the city since the city opened its new casino in the 1980s.

Under the plan, the hotel will be turned into apartments and retail space, with the majority of the property being leased to local residents.

Melburnians will be able to book rooms for up to three months for a maximum of four nights a week.

The first phase of the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, will include a public plaza, an outdoor dining area, public bathrooms, a hotel reception area, a guest house, and the new hotel lobby.

The remaining phases will include an outdoor cafe, an entertainment centre, a fitness centre, retail space and an outdoor swimming pool.

The Victorian government has said the project will benefit local businesses and locals and will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new economic activity.

The stanlings hotel is located on a stretch of Melbourne’s east coast and has been a ghost town since the end in the 1960s.

The city’s council has previously said that the Stanks were a blight and that the hotel had been a significant financial drain on the town and community.

However, the Stanons are still listed as a heritage building on the Victorian Heritage Register.

The Stanleys were closed in the early 1990s, when Melbourne became one of the largest cities in the world to embrace casino gambling.

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