When will they be open? – Independent

A new hotel in a small town near the mouth of the Cascades is set to open next year, and it is not just the people of the area who are excited.

The new hotel, called Crescent Hotel, will feature a full-service dining room and lounge.

It will have the amenities of a modern hotel and is expected to be open in December.

But the town is still waiting for a developer to put a price tag on the project.

“We want to know what they want us to pay,” said Kristin Smith, owner of the Crescent Hotel.

Crescent Hotel has a unique concept, Smith said, and she’s eager to get it up and running.

“Our hope is that it will be very popular,” she said.

Crescent hotel is slated to open in January 2019, according to the town’s economic development board.

The project is being funded by the town of Green Bay.

The developer has yet to submit an application with the city, and a press release did not mention when Crescent hotel will open.

Crescent hotels is an alternative to traditional hotel rooms, but it has some advantages.

It’s not as much of a distance to travel as a traditional hotel, Smith explained.

“You can sit at a desk and be productive,” Smith said.

“I like that.

It doesn’t take up much space.

I can sleep at the hotel.

It is a little more affordable.”

Crescent hotel could attract some travelers.

It could be a nice option for those who like to eat at restaurants, but don’t want to spend money.

“Theres a lot of options out there,” Smith added.

But, she said, “I think theres a place for everybody.”

Crescent Hotel is also being built to house a medical facility and an office for the state government.

It has been listed for $200 million, which is $300 per room.

But Smith said that could change when Crescent Hotel opens.

“It’s a great thing for the economy and for the town,” she noted.

The town has already had several other hotels and restaurants built in the area.

Smith said Crescent Hotel could be part of the next wave of development.

“If we want to keep going, we’re going to keep building,” she predicted.

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