Why the new hotel won’t be your average hotel

The new hotel on Washington’s National Mall is not your average motel.

It’s called the Gran Hotel and is about as big as you could expect from a hotel.

It has a grand entrance, a spacious lobby and an outdoor deck.

It comes with its own private bathhouse, gym and a rooftop bar with views of the Capitol.

The $1,100 per night hotel also includes a full-service spa, a fitness center and a full buffet of food and drinks.

It even has a full kitchen and full-size refrigerator.

But that’s just a taste of the perks that come with staying at the Gran.

It also has a “unique suite” where guests can take advantage of the hotel’s spa, gym, spa and pool.

And if you’re looking for a more traditional stay, you can also enjoy the Gran’s rooftop bar and pool as well as the Gran Casino and Spa.

The hotel, which opened on Monday, also has an outdoor courtyard and outdoor pool that guests can enjoy in summer.

But the Gran is more than just a resort.

It is also a destination that offers a variety of experiences, including an indoor and outdoor dining room and an indoor bar and restaurant.

There are a variety for all tastes.

If you’re seeking an experience of nature and adventure, you might be interested in the Gran Nature Garden.

If your goal is a relaxed, relaxing getaway with a good view of the Washington Monument and the National Mall, you’ll probably find plenty to suit your tastes at the Washington, D.C. Gran Resort.

And even if you prefer to hang out on the lawn, you will have plenty of fun at the Grand Gran Hotel, which has a number of outdoor pools, a pool lounge, indoor and indoor tennis courts and a bar and grill.

If that’s not enough, you have access to the Grand Golf Club.

And while the resort doesn’t offer a full bar and dining, there is a bar called the Grand Gourmet, which is the same bar and steakhouse that is located at the other two Washington, DC resorts.

So, while the Grand Hotel is a destination hotel, the Grand Grand Ghetto is a restaurant.

It can be a little pricey for some people, but the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, from salads and wraps to sandwiches and burgers.

The Grand Ganda also has plenty of other things to do.

The Gran Hotel is located in the heart of Washington, and the resort is also part of the National Register of Historic Places.

It takes place every spring, and you can check out the full list of the properties in the National Historic Register here.

The resort has been offering a “Gran-themed” tour in the past few years, but it was recently expanded.

The new tour offers guests a chance to meet some of the guests and their families at the resort, where they can also watch a movie and enjoy some of Washington’s unique landmarks.

The tour also has live music and a dance party that will feature local dancers and bands.

The company behind the tour, Gran Hotels, is owned by Washington-based private equity firm Fenton Capital Partners.

You can learn more about the Grand Hotels website here. 

The Gran hotel opened on Sunday, July 16, 2018.