Why you need to book a hotel suite if you have a trans woman

Trans women in Australia have become an increasingly common sight in hotel rooms, particularly in the country’s capital city of Canberra.

Tulundi Bibi and her friend Ria Zuberi are among the many who use trans woman-friendly hotels as a place to stay.

They’ve booked two hotels in the past two years in Canberra, each for up to six nights.

Bibi and Zuberis first stayed in the hotel suites in August, while they were in the US, for the weekend.

“I went with my friend, and she’s a trans man, and we just went and stayed in this suite for two nights,” Bibi said.

She and her friends, who also include two children, said they were not only treated well by the staff, but also by their hosts, who were “very accommodating”.

“I really felt at home, we were all so happy and comfortable,” Bedi said.

“We didn’t have to worry about getting a hotel room.

It’s just like when you go to your own home.

It doesn’t matter where you are.”

Bedi and her group had to stay in the room for two days before they were able to move into a new one.

Hotel suites, as an alternative to the hotel, are common in other cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

In a country with an increasingly diverse population, it’s a common way for trans women to meet and make new friends.

Bibi says the hotel experience was not an issue for them, and the staff were very accommodating.

“The hotel suite is an option, and I think it’s better for everyone to be together, than just one person,” she said.