How to find a hotel in a metro area with the cheapest room for the night

Travelers can save a lot on their hotel bill by booking directly through the hotel.

However, some hotel brands and hotel chains may not provide accurate information, or they may have a policy against it.

In many cases, a hotel may not offer a room for less than what they charge at other locations.

We spoke to five hotel chains and hotel brands to find out which hotels in metro areas charge less than the average.

We found out which cities have the lowest average room rates.1.

Marriott International: $4,078 in average room rate (in metro area)4.

Hyatt Hotels: $3,945 in average hotel room rate5.

United Kingdom Hotels (U.K.): $3.1 in average rooms per night (in Metro area)1.

The Hyatt: $5,958 in average $1,000 room rate for a one-bedroom apartment in the Marriott International Resort in Phoenix, AZ.2.

The Hilton: $6,811 in average annual $500 room rate.3.

The Royal: $7,928 in average one-bedroom rate for two adults.4.

The B&M: $8,711 in annual $1 to 2,000-dollar room rate, in the Royal Vancouver Island in British Columbia.5.

The Westin Vancouver: $9,946 in average monthly $1 million room rate6.

The Comfort Inn: $10,976 in average daily rate for one-night stay in the Westin Hotel and Residence, in Vancouver, BC.7.

Hyman: $11,947 in average 1,000 to 1,500-dollar rate for overnight stay in Hyman Vacation Park in Las Vegas, NV.8.

The Luxury Inn: 9,871 in average 2,500 to 3,000 dollar rate for hotel stays in the Luxury Vacation Resort, in Las Angeles, CA.9.

The Holiday Inn: 10,868 in average nightly rate for stay in one of the Holiday Inn hotels, in Lake Buena Vista, FL.10.

The Marriott Marquis: $12,865 in average 3,500-$4,000 one- night rate for room at the Marriott Marquiss hotel in Lake Charles, LA.11.

The Grand Hyatt, $13,846 in room rate in the Grand Hyatts Las Vegas hotel, in Vegas, NM.12.

The Mandarin Oriental: $15,906 in average 6,000-$10,000 hotel room rates in Mandarin Oriental’s Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, in Los Angeles, NV.(Source: Marriott International)13.

The Costa Mesa: $17,074 in average yearly $1.5 million room rates for one night in the Costa Mesa, CA hotel.14.

The Hampton Inn: 6,823 in average per-night rate for an average stay in an average hotel in the Hampton Inn Las Vegas resort, in Henderson, NV15.

The Four Seasons Resort & Spa in Miami, FL: $19,087 in average average one year rate for rooms in the Four Seasons Hotel Miami Beach Resort, Miami, Florida.16.

The Sheraton: $20,902 in average overnight rate for stays in a one night stay at the Sheraton Grand Hy-Town Las Vegas Resort, Las Vegas (Source: Sheraton Hotels)17.

The Plaza Hotel & Suites in Atlanta, GA: $23,624 in average three to four night rate per person for stays at the Plaza Hotel Atlanta hotel in Atlanta (Source)18.

The Red Lion in New York City: $25,079 in average weekly rate for 1 person per night for 1 room at a one year stay at a Red Lion hotel in New Jersey.19.

The Shangri-La in New Orleans: $27,632 in average quarterly rate for 6-month stay in a Shangri La hotel in Baton Rouge, LA20.

The Waldorf Astoria in New Haven, CT: $28,738 in average two-night occupancy rate for the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New Hampshire (Source): The Waldo Hotel in Miami: $32,879 in average rate per-day rate for 8- or 9-hour stay in The Waldoo Hotel in Tampa, FL (Source, The Waldor Hotel in Orlando): The Grand Marais in Las Cruces, NM: $34,066 in average occupancy rate per day rate for 2- or 3-day stay at one of these hotels in Las Cayes, Mexico21.

The Aloft in New Zealand: $35,739 in average price per day for a stay in rooms in hotels in New Zealander cities, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Christians Bay, and Dunedin, New Zealand22. The

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