Marriott, Hilton to open hotel in downtown Honolulu

The hotel and resort giant has opened a hotel and restaurant on the site of the former Marriott Marquis Hotel.

The hotel, a 21-story building, is part of a larger development in the city of Honolulu.

The restaurant, which opened last month, will be a restaurant serving “authentic Hawaiian food, locally sourced seafood, and a selection of cocktails,” according to the hotel.

The company also announced the hiring of former executive chef Jeff Bunn as an associate chef.

The former president of the Hilton Hawaiian Garden and Spa has been working with the company for a year, and will be joining the team in late 2019.

The new hotel and dining concept will be called the Marquis Hilton.

The city of Hawaii has been struggling with its hotel industry and the recent bankruptcy of its struggling Marriott hotel chain.

The Marriott Marqui Hotel, which closed in the 1990s, had been the site for a long-running restaurant project called the Marriot, which has since been replaced with the Hilton.

At the time, Hilton CEO and President Michael Smith called the new hotel a “modern addition” to the Hawaiian Garden, which was a restaurant in the hotel and casino.