What you need to know about the Peabody Hotel’s 2018 expansion plan

Updated June 29, 2018 9:33:24A brand new hotel in a small, historic community in central Queensland will open in July 2018.

The Peabory Hotel, a joint venture between a local business and a Chinese investor, is a 50-year-old hotel located in Glenwood Springs, Queensland.

“We were looking for a unique location, and Glenwood is one of the premier tourist destinations in Australia,” Peabury Managing Director Mike Gough said.

“Glenwood Springs is a place where you can actually see and experience a lot of the natural beauty, the wildlife, and it’s also a great location for people to spend time with their families.”

Mr Gough says the hotel will also have a special relationship with the Peacock River, a scenic and pristine area of the region.

“This is an area where we believe the Peaboards will have an impact on the Peascock, which is a great river to live in and travel to,” Mr Gough explained.

“The Peaboard River runs through this beautiful community and we are excited to be able to provide the guests with a unique and intimate experience, in a beautiful setting.”

The hotel is a new addition to the Peasants in Need community, which was built to serve the Peawahans who were in need of accommodation for the 2017 floods.

“Peabory has been working with the local community and building relationships with some of the Peaplands and the surrounding areas for a long time,” Mr Brierley said.

The project will cost $3.5 million and is part of the Queensland Government’s $20 million plan to boost infrastructure, improve health and wellbeing, and enhance local businesses.

The hotel’s entrance will be on the outskirts of the community.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for the community to connect and reconnect,” Mr Wooten said.

“The hotel will provide a wonderful connection with the community, and the Peawsants in need.”

“We’re looking forward to welcoming our guests into this exciting new community.”

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