When Ice Hotel Leavenworth opens its first-ever outdoor hotel in California, it’ll have more to offer than a cheap, one-night stay

The first-of-its-kind outdoor hotel coming to Santa Monica is a $1.2 million luxury resort that will serve as a model for what’s to come.

The resort, Ice Hotel, will open in early 2018 in the former Montauk Hotel complex.

Ice Hotel is a two-story hotel with a pool, a gym and a spa.

The hotel will be located on the Montauks property at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and MontauK Avenue.

The first-floor resort will feature luxury suites, an outdoor restaurant, an ice skating rink and indoor pool.

The resort is scheduled to open in January 2019.

“This is a historic day for Santa Monica,” Santa Monica Mayor Rob Giordano said in a statement.

“Santa Monica is the center of the nation for hospitality and is well-known for its beautiful, unique, and unique places.

It is a great honor for Santa Ana to become the first city in California to open an outdoor hotel with this level of sophistication.

We are so grateful for the support of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce and other community leaders who have helped make this dream a reality.”

Ice Hotel will be the first outdoor hotel for Santa Barbara County.

The city is also adding to its growing list of outdoor properties with its new Santa Monica Convention Center and its downtown Santa Monica hotel.

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