When Phoenix hotels go online, you can count on them to make your life easier

The Globe and Mail article The hotel industry has been struggling to find a way to make its businesses more online-friendly.

And now it seems that hotel officials are hoping that they can do the same for their customers.

The industry is facing a real challenge: How do you make your guests’ lives easier?

And how do you do that while still keeping them entertained?

That’s why hotel officials in Phoenix are launching a new digital platform, phoenix.com, and are hoping it will help them make the hotel experience more accessible to people who are not just bookkeepers or hoteliers but also consumers.

The idea is to make it easy for people to find hotels and the hotels themselves by offering them an interactive experience.

The site will also help them manage their accounts and make the online booking process more convenient.

The company is also offering free credit cards for guests who use the platform.

“Our goal is to help people get a better experience on our site,” said Paul Daley, Phoenix’s general manager of communications.

“We’re not trying to do the impossible.”

He said he was excited about the opportunity to provide a better online experience for customers, and he wanted to help them to save money on their hotel stay.

The platform will let guests book and book quickly and easily through the Phoenix.com app.

The app will be designed for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices.

“This will help people save on their room rates and stay longer, too,” said Dan Kowalczyk, the chief executive of phoenixhotels.com.

The hotel is working with two other major companies — one for its hotels and one for the airlines — to develop the platform, but the two companies are not yet sharing details about how it will work.

The Phoenix.