Boston hotels hit with record loss of $13 million in July

The Boston hotels and resorts have lost more than $13.7 million in the month of July, according to hotel data collected by the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

The average cost of a hotel room at the Boston Hilton in the city’s tourist-heavy downtown neighborhood is $1,054, according the Hilton.

In July, that is about $13,822.

At the Hennepin Center in Minneapolis, the average cost is $2,632.

In August, it is $3,836.

Hotel occupancy has fallen below 30% since June, according an industry report.

The decline in occupancy comes as the convention industry, which draws tens of millions of visitors annually to Boston, is battling record occupancy problems across the country.

The industry has been hit by record hotel occupancy in Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami.

In Minneapolis, there have been more than 8,000 hotel room closings since June.

The conference center has lost $1.5 million in revenue.

The city’s hotel industry is expected to report another loss in the fiscal year ending March 31.

That includes the cost of closing down more than a dozen hotels, which is expected, in the past, to reduce the city-subsidized revenue that the convention centers receive.

But the convention center has been on a spending spree recently to keep the downtown hotel area thriving.

The center has said it will spend $3 billion on renovations to its buildings.

In the past year, the convention companies have invested $1 billion in renovations to downtown hotels, according a Globe article.

The convention center said that while its occupancy rate has remained stable in recent months, the hotel occupancy rate in the downtown area is still below 30%.

The city has had a problem with hotel occupancy for years.

Last year, when the city had record low hotel occupancy, it was blamed on a shortage of rooms at hotel rooms in the convention areas, but it has since found that many of those rooms are being used for convention business.

A recent study by the convention company said that a majority of hotel rooms are used for business.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported in June that there was a 2.9% decrease in deaths from coronavirus cases in the United States from April to July.

The CDC also reported that 1,400 new coronaviruses were detected in July.

According to the CDC, about 14% of coronaviral infections are preventable and more than 1 million Americans have been infected.

The Centers for Disease, Control and the Prevention said in June there was no evidence that coronaviropsis was causing the spike in deaths.

However, the conference center said last month that the coronaviremia rate had dropped significantly in the last five months and that the virus was under control.

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