Las Vegas: A ‘super hotel’ could open as soon as next year

A super hotel could open in Las Vegas by the end of 2019, a development that could help fuel the city’s rapid gentrification.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Thursday that hotel developers have started preliminary work on a project that could open within months.

Developers and a private developer are working with city officials to determine the site of the proposed Las Vegas hotel.

The developers and the city could decide within weeks if the hotel will open, the Review-Journals reported.

Las Vegas was once a sleepy resort town but has seen a surge in visitors and has become the latest major city in the country to consider a development.

The city and developer are trying to lure more people to the city, which has a population of about 8.5 million.

The hotel would have the luxury of offering both private rooms and public amenities like restaurants and bars.

The developer is hoping to build on a vacant property near the airport that has become a hot spot for drug use.

The proposed hotel is likely to be a hybrid hotel-hotel, with a rooftop deck that can be used for private dining.

That could allow for an upscale dining experience and a quieter setting.

It would also be more open than a traditional hotel, as guests would be able to watch the city from the rooftop deck.

The development is still being reviewed by city officials.