US hotel prices will drop for first time since 2010

The price of a hotel room in the US has dropped more than half in the past year, to a record low of $229.95 a night in October.A survey of hotel rooms across the US by Hotel Tonight, which surveyed more than 1,000 guests a day, found that occupancy in October was the lowest sinceRead More

What’s next for the Stanley hotel?

The stanleys hotel in Melbourne’s west has been given a fresh lease of life as the Victorian government looks to rejuvenate a blighted hotel that’s been a blight on the city for decades.Melbourne City Council last month approved a new, 20-year lease to the Stanleys at the site of the former Melbourne Hotel and Restaurant.TheRead More

When will they be open? – Independent

A new hotel in a small town near the mouth of the Cascades is set to open next year, and it is not just the people of the area who are excited.The new hotel, called Crescent Hotel, will feature a full-service dining room and lounge.It will have the amenities of a modern hotel and isRead More

How to play Fallout 4: The New Vegas Strip

A new game has opened for Fallout 4, and its going to be a lot of fun.That’s right, Fallout 4 is a sandbox game.It’s also the first Fallout game to have real-time multiplayer, meaning that players will be able to jump into matches and play through each mission as they play it, rather than justRead More

How to buy a mavis-hotel transylvanian hotel transila

Transylvians can spend a whopping $9,600 for a stay at a hotel in the city of Rome, a price that’s much cheaper than other popular luxury hotels in the area.The price tag for the Transylvanians’ trip from Rome to Transylvia, a city in the south of the country, is $9.8 million.That’s not all, though, becauseRead More

New Orleans: $1.3M in hotel rooms in 2018

The city has the highest hotel occupancy rate in the U.S., but it’s not as high as it used to be.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average hotel occupancy in the New Orleans area in 2018 was 3.7 percent, and that number increased by 2.3 percent during the first half of 2018.The cityRead More

Hotel guests react to new NYC restaurant opening in NYC

NYC – New York City – New Yorkers reacted with excitement to the opening of the first new restaurant in New York since the 9/11 attacks, with many welcoming the new eatery’s owner to their homes and restaurants.The restaurant, which opened late Monday night, is called the Manhattan Hotel, and is located in the historicRead More

How to Buy an Air Conditioner in Canada

What you need to know about air conditioning in Canada, and how to choose a good deal in Canada.Article by: mackenzie,julia,bryan,cbc,air conditioner,airconditioner purchase,air conditioning source The Canadian Press title Canada’s air conditioning shortage puts a damper on your air-conditioning needs article A shortage of air-conditional heating in Canada has led to a cooling-off period forRead More