Marriott Hotels to invest $5 billion in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Marriott HotELS, the world’s largest hotel chain, announced Tuesday that it plans to invest an undisclosed amount in the Las Vegas Sands casino and hotel.The announcement comes less than a week after Marriott CEO Stephen Sacks said the company is looking to invest at least $5bn in Las, Vegas.This marks the latestRead More

How to find a hotel in the best part of town

It is a familiar story.A hotel opens in the suburbs and quickly becomes a destination, but then the hotel owner’s dream falls apart.There are always complaints and there are always the occasional hotel that doesn’t live up to its hype.But this story is different.These are the hotels that didn’t make it to the suburbs, andRead More

What is the Hilton Head hotel in Chicago?

A look at the Hilton head hotel in suburban Chicago, where hotelier Hilton Head has spent more than $2 billion on renovations and expansion, a spokeswoman said Friday.The company’s parent company, Hilton Worldwide, is building two hotels on the site of the former Hotel Grand Central in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.It’s one of two hotels thatRead More