How much is the average hotel room worth in destin?

The average hotel bed is a big investment, says John Boudreaux, owner of hotel park city hotels.“People think, ‘Oh, this is just a room for the night,’ but it’s more than that.There’s a lot of people who come to us and are very happy because they know the value of their hotel room.”What’s more, BoudresqueRead More

Why you should stay at the Big Bear Hotel and Resorts

There are plenty of reasons to choose the BigBear Hotel and Resort as your destination for the summer.The resort is a gem of a hotel with everything you need for a spectacular vacation.The hotel features a variety of rooms, suites and suites, with multiple indoor and outdoor pools and a large outdoor patio.With more thanRead More

How to keep your favorite gaylord in Orlando and beyond

By STAN LEE AND ROBERT SMIALOWSKIAssociated PressPORTLAND, Ore.(AP) The man who once owned the Orlando Gaylord Hotels and Resorts is facing criminal charges after he allegedly forced gay patrons to perform oral sex and then sexually assaulted one of them.Scott G. Jackson, 52, of Orlando is charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual assaultRead More

Which team is the best in the NFL?

Updated May 27, 2018 11:05:00 When it comes to the NFL’s best team, no team comes even close to being the Seattle Seahawks.The Seahawks were the NFL championship-winning team in 2016, when they were a member of the NFC West, the division that holds the distinction of having produced only seven NFL teams.Seattle was theRead More

What’s happening in Pensacola Beach?

Here are the key moments from the week’s biggest headlines: • An explosion in an apartment building in Pensascola, Fla., killed two people and injured more than 30.Authorities have not yet identified the building owner or a person of interest.Authorities said a bomb was found in the apartment, which had been vacated earlier in theRead More